Leaders Take Risks

I had a brief conversation with someone during Urbana who said that most students enter an Inter-Varsity campus fellowship and believe that what they experience is how it has always been and always will be. This, unfortunately, is a dangerous trap to fall into as it limits what the Spirit is able to call people to at specific times. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen excitement from experiences in scripture squashed when students try to fit a new thing into an old model. This is why I am extremely excited and proud of our students these days.

Last night we had our first, and last, Large Group of 2010! Both students on our exec team, and active members of the community, felt like God was compelling us to try something different out of a desire to live an invitational and relational life. We had a mini “State of the Union” address, and here’s the vision for the future of the ministry that was unfolded:

-A decision has been made to have weekly community meals together on Monday nights that students can invite friends to (what student can say no to free food?). There will hopefully be informal faith discussions that naturally come out of spending time together. INTERESTING FACT: This started last term, and an average of 4-5 people came out. So far this term, the average is 15 people.

-For those who are intrigued by discussion on Monday nights, and want to dig deeper, we will be consolidating our small group bible studies into one group that continues to study parables and experiences with Jesus in Luke on Tuesday nights. This will take place in the residence dorm of one of our student leaders (and NOT tucked away into corners of campus that are hard to find).

-Allison and I will be encouraging and training every student who went to Urbana to lead an investigative bible study with friends, roommates, classmates. There is a real excitement to share what God did at Urbana with those on campus!

This is a GAME CHANGER, and I will keep you posted as to how things go!

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